Energy Hire's guide to top Professional jobs in the United States renewable energy industry

Get an edge on the top professional jobs in the US renewable Energy industry

Explore 15 of the top professional jobs in the renewable energy industry, offering a wealth of opportunities for experienced professionals and those transitioning from other fields. This page provides detailed descriptions of each role, highlighting the skills required, key responsibilities, and potential earnings. Whether you’re interested in engineering, project management, environmental science, or energy consulting, you’ll find comprehensive information to guide your career decisions.
Understanding the financial prospects is crucial, so we’ve included salary information sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to give you an accurate picture of potential earnings. The renewable energy sector is known for its dynamic environment and rewarding career paths, making it an attractive option for those seeking growth and advancement. Dive into these detailed job descriptions to discover how your expertise can contribute to this vital industry and find a role that matches your professional ambitions.

Renewable Energy Engineer

Renewable energy engineers design and develop technologies to harness energy from renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydro. This role involves project planning, conducting feasibility studies, and optimizing energy systems for efficiency and sustainability. Renewable energy engineers work on innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and enhance the reliability of renewable energy. They collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to implement cutting-edge technologies and improve existing systems.

Energy Consultant

Energy consultants advise businesses and organizations on energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions, and sustainability practices. They conduct comprehensive energy audits, recommend improvements, and help clients reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Energy consultants stay updated on the latest industry trends and regulations, ensuring their clients are compliant and taking advantage of the best practices. This role requires strong analytical skills and the ability to communicate complex technical information effectively.

Solar Project Manager

Solar project managers oversee the planning, execution, and completion of solar energy projects. They coordinate teams, manage budgets, and ensure projects are completed on time and within scope. Their responsibilities include site assessments, permitting, procurement, and overseeing installation processes. Solar project managers also handle stakeholder communications and ensure that projects comply with safety and regulatory standards. This role requires excellent organizational and leadership skills.

Wind Energy Engineer

Wind energy engineers design and optimize wind turbine systems and wind farms. They work on site assessments, system design, and performance analysis to maximize energy output and ensure operational efficiency. Wind energy engineers are involved in the entire lifecycle of wind projects, from conceptual design to implementation and maintenance. They also work on improving turbine technologies and integrating them with power grids. This role requires a strong background in engineering and an understanding of environmental factors.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists in renewable energy assess the environmental impact of energy projects and develop strategies to mitigate negative effects. They conduct field research, prepare environmental impact reports, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Environmental scientists work closely with engineers and policymakers to promote sustainable practices. They also monitor ecosystems and study the long-term effects of renewable energy installations on the environment.

Sustainability Manager

Sustainability managers develop and implement strategies to improve an organization’s sustainability practices. They focus on reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and promoting renewable energy usage. Sustainability managers also oversee sustainability reporting and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. They work with various departments to integrate sustainable practices into everyday operations and corporate strategies. This role requires strong project management skills and a deep understanding of environmental and sustainability issues.


Hydrologists study water resources to support the development of hydroelectric power projects. They analyze water cycles, assess environmental impact, and ensure sustainable water management practices. Hydrologists collect and analyze data on water quality and availability, model water systems, and advise on water-related issues in renewable energy projects. Their work helps in designing efficient and environmentally friendly hydroelectric power plants.

Geothermal Engineer

Geothermal engineers design and develop systems to harness geothermal energy. They conduct site assessments, plan drilling operations, and optimize geothermal plants for efficiency. Geothermal engineers work on creating sustainable energy solutions by utilizing the earth’s heat. They also address challenges such as resource depletion and environmental impact. This role involves a combination of engineering expertise and knowledge of geothermal processes.

Energy Analyst

Energy analysts evaluate energy data to support renewable energy projects. They conduct market research, analyze trends, and provide insights to optimize energy production and consumption. Energy analysts help in forecasting energy needs, assessing the viability of new projects, and improving existing systems. They work with large datasets and use advanced analytical tools to derive actionable insights. This role requires strong quantitative skills and an understanding of energy markets.

Energy Policy Analyst

Energy policy analysts study and develop policies related to renewable energy. They research regulations, evaluate the impact of energy policies, and advocate for sustainable energy practices. Energy policy analysts work with government agencies, non-profits, and private companies to shape energy legislation and promote renewable energy adoption. This role requires strong analytical and communication skills, as well as an understanding of policy-making processes.

Power Systems Engineer

Power systems engineers design and maintain electrical systems for renewable energy projects. They ensure the reliable transmission and distribution of energy from renewable sources. Power systems engineers work on integrating renewable energy into existing power grids and developing new grid systems that can handle variable renewable energy sources. They also focus on improving the efficiency and reliability of electrical networks. This role requires a strong background in electrical engineering and an understanding of power systems.

Biomass Plant Manager

Biomass plant managers oversee the operations of facilities that convert organic materials into energy. They manage staff, ensure safety compliance, and optimize production processes. Biomass plant managers are responsible for the efficient operation of the plant, including fuel procurement, energy production, and maintenance activities. They also focus on improving plant performance and reducing operational costs. This role requires strong leadership skills and knowledge of biomass energy systems.

Hydropower Engineer

Hydropower engineers design and manage hydroelectric power systems, ensuring the efficient production of renewable energy from water sources. They work on the planning, construction, and maintenance of hydroelectric plants. Hydropower engineers conduct environmental impact assessments and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. They also develop innovative solutions to optimize energy output and minimize environmental disruptions. This role requires expertise in civil and environmental engineering.

Renewable Energy Project Developer

Renewable energy project developers oversee the creation and implementation of renewable energy projects from conception to completion. They identify project opportunities, secure financing, and manage permitting and regulatory compliance. Project developers coordinate with engineers, contractors, and stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery. They also conduct feasibility studies and risk assessments to maximize project viability. This role requires strong project management and financial skills.

Renewable Energy Lawyer

Renewable energy lawyers specialize in legal issues related to renewable energy projects. They handle contracts, ensure regulatory compliance, and advise on environmental law. Renewable energy lawyers work with developers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to navigate the legal complexities of renewable energy projects. They also advocate for policies that promote renewable energy adoption. This role requires strong legal expertise and a deep understanding of renewable energy laws and regulations.

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